The club opens today at 11am with Lunch with Lulu. Today’s special is a Provolone Cheeseburger with grilled onions, mayo and slices of fresh tomato and basil served with FF, tea or soda! Customer Appreciation Day starts at 4pm. You know your gonna want one of the coldest beers on the beach when you come off of the beach. Not dressed to hang out in the club. No problem. DJ Milton White will be in the Parking Lot playing your favorites from 5 until 10pm and you can sit outside with him and drink all of the cold beer you can hold. The FUN TEAM will be on deck for your favorite libations and food all nite long while you are being entertained by THE CATALINA’S! Come out and welcome the Catalina’s to the stage and get you a bucket of beer from the Main bar (6 beers for 12.50), you do the math. Lynn Barker is back and several new members are making the Catalina’s one of the most sought after bands on the circuit today. You’ve got to come and hear SUMMERTIME IS CALLING ME, by the ones who wrote it. Let’s get together and play hard tonite. DJ Lanny Elmore is in the booth and DJ Jason Justice has a private birthday party in the back room. So let’s see how many people we can get packed into the building tonite. Got to hit the dusty, Love YOU, Mean IT!