FAT HAROLDS PHOTOGood Morning, Ocean Drive! Not such a pretty day today but all that glitters isn’t gold is it? We open at 4pm today so you can get your drink on for Customer Appreciation Day! At the end of Customer Appreciation Day at 7pm, Jeanette will teach you some line dancing. She’s good! There is a band in the street, if weather permits, called The Necessary Band and they said it is necessary that you get your cold brews at Fat Harolds cause they are the coldest on the beach. The shots to go with that brew ain’t bad either. Our DJ for this evening is (drum roll)……………David “Hey Boy” Harris! He will keep you moving longer than you ever thought you could. So come on down to Fat Harold’s Beach Club this evening and see The Fun Team. We are waiting on you! Peace, Love and Sandy Feet! LOVE YOU, MEAN IT!