line dance partyHappy Thursday to you. It’s almost time for the weekend. WOO HOO! I will be glad and sure you will be too! But we have Thursday to conquer first and that we will do! We open at 4pm and your first stop will be at The Shag City Grill! Known for our fabulous cheeseburgers and bologna sandwiches, so thick that you wouldn’t get hurt falling off of a 10 story building onto one of those pieces of bologna. They are soooo gooood with an ice cold beer! At 7pm Jeanette Stanley will be teaching you some more line dance moves. Isn’t great knowing that you an dance and don’t have to ask somebody. You just get up and do it yourself. LOVE! DJ Milton “The Shadow” White will be in the booth to help Jeanette and play for you to SHAG and Line Dance afterwards. Make plans to visit The World Famous “Fat Harold’s Beach Club” tonite. We will see you when you get here. Peace, Love and Sandy Feet!