LINE DANCEThe club opens today at 11am with Lunch by Jackie. Jackie is a great cook, come by and try her daily lunch specials and anything else she may conjure up. Customer Appreciation Day starts at 4pm. Don’t forget The Dickens Band is playing in the street tonite and you can come and hang out at Fat Harolds until time for them to go on. We have FREE LINE DANCE LESSONS with Jeanette at 7pm. Come out and learn the new lines dances for SOS. I will get her to post some of them on our Facebook page so you can get ready for them. DJ “Jammim” Jimmy Buffkin will be in the booth do you can dance your little legs off tonite. Come out and join us this evening at Fat Harold’s Beach Club. It’s Labor Day Weekend and we always have our Labor Day Shag Contest on Friday and Saturday nites. This one is going to be big. Some of the Dancers that never dance around here much will be participating. We have Amateur, Novice, Pro and Senior Divisions. On Saturday afternoon we would like to welcome Sam and Lisa West to the big room. They are having a Shag Workshop starting at 1pm. You want to learn from some of the “Best”. Now is your chance. Don’t Miss It. Please be safe in your travels this weekend. The roads will be packed and we want to see your smiling faces so pay attention to the other drivers. I will, I know! I guess that’s about all for today. So Peace, Love and Sandy Feet! Love YOU, Mean It!