SHAGHappy Tuesday to YOU! We hope your week is headed in the right direction. If not, just stroll on in to Fat Harold’s and we will try to help you get HAPPY. We open today at 4pm with Customer Appreciation which will last until 7pm. Jeppy and Nikki will tell you a bit about the Shag at 7pm and proceed to teach you the basic steps. This is a fun dance and something to take home with you and spread around. It is kind of crazy how you get when you learn the steps. It’s like HOOK, LINE, AND SINKER! All I want to do is SHAG! So come on down before 7pm and get you a libation and get ready to SHAG, just like yo’ Momma did! DJ David “Hey Boy” Harris will be in the booth throwing down. Have a great and prosperous day and we’ll see you when you get here! The Grill will be open so you can grab a burger, bologna sandwich or some fries before you get started or after you’ve finished. Peace, Love and Sandy Feet! LOVE YOU, MEAN IT!