SHAGFat Harold’s is open today at 4pm with Customer Appreciation Day until 7pm! Terry is manning the Main Bar and Amy has got the grill! Jeppy and Miss Nikki will teach you The Shag at 7pm for FREE! Yes, folks, it’s FREE! We want to see your smiling faces. The back door will be open in case you don’t make it in time before they close the streets for a concert. Come take your lessons and then go on the street and show them off! How much fun would that be? DJ “Jammin” Jimmy Buffkin is in the booth so come and give him some love. He sure does love you! The Fat Man said to tell eveyone Hello and give them a big HUG ((((( ))))) cause he is getting ready to break loose. We’ll tell you all about it when it arrives. You WILL be seeing a lot more of him. Got to go and make a lot of doughnuts. Peace, Love and Sandy Feet! Love YOU, Mean IT!