Lets-ShagOh what a beautiful morning! NOT! It has been raining cats and dogs and yours truly is soaked to the bone. Sometimes umbrellas just don’t work! But we’ll dry up soon and be ready to open at 11am for some awesome Cheeseburgers prepared by our Little Amy! She cooks a mean one! Then it’s on to Customer Appreciation Day at 4pm with Amy on the grill and Lil Terry at Main. Shannon, Debbie and Mama Brenda along with our hard working barbacks will show up a little later and the party will be on! DJ “Jammin” Jimmy will entertain all night long with the millions of songs he has collected to make EVERYONE Happy! Tomorrow (Saturday) will be a ditto of today with the exception of one thing. “Jammin” Jimmy gets a night off and DJ Gary Franklin Bass will be in the booth! Sunday we will open at 4pm for Customer Appreciation Day with Lil Terry and we will have a DJ to entertain you! This will be your email for the weekend since I will be under my bed, sleeping, and dreaming of a White Christmas after a 10 day work streak. We will talk again the first of the week and until then PEACE, LOVE AND SANDY FEET! LOVE YOU, MEAN IT!