Hump Day will never be same! Not after tonite when our very own Little Jimmy Quick and his Coastline Band hit the stage. Tonite is a little different. We are celebrating “THE SIGNING” with SONY RECORDS also you can sign up tonite for the newly formed “COASTLINE CRAZIES FAN CLUB”. We know you’ll make us proud. In the meantime, Lulu will open the grill at 11am and to fit in with the “Celebration” she is serving “Down South” Burgers or Bologna Sandwiches with FF. You have to have it the “Down South” way or it will not be the special price! Also Customer Appreciation Day will be Happy Day! Reduced prices all day long. Sounds like a party to me. DJ’s Lanny Elmore (front room) and Milton White (back room) will keep you on your feet while the band is on break. I’m gonna leave you now to get prepared for this fun day. Have a good one, be safe, stay cool and Love You, Mean IT!