fat haroldsOn the other side of these doors is a kind of magic that can make the hair stand up on your arms. This is one of the oldest and best known Shag Joints in the world. You can walk through memory lane and see our dear friends from days gone by or find our friends and fellow shaggers pictures, from this era in time, plastered to the walls. Just take a few minutes to really look. The clothes styles have changed. The shoe styles have changed. The photography has changed. Even the dance, The Shag, has gone through changes. I guess the only thing that hasn’t changed are the bartenders. lol We’ve been moved around to different bars and different positions, BUT, we are still here. Doesn’t that speak volumes for a club and a man named Harold M. Bessent, affectionately called Fat Harold or The Fat Man, to have most of the same gals working for him that practically started with him? There must be magic behind these doors. Come out and see for yourself and feel the music in you. Get on the floor and close your eyes and feel the spirits move in your feet. This is nostalgia folks, a walk back in time that is taken for granted by most. Let’s get fancied up tonite and come out for some good old fun and make some new memories. They are here, you just have to believe and make them your own. The grill opens at 11am, Chicken Salad is on the special menu. Customer Appreciation Day starts promptly at 4pm and our good buddy DJ Gene Sistare is in the DJ booth at 7pm. Please come and visit us tonite. We will take care of you. Peace, Love, and Sandy Feet! Love YOU, Mean IT!