TWICE THE FUNSaturday is here and we’re gonna help you get the most out of it. Club and Shag City Grill open today at 1. Check in for a late lunch or early supper at the grill. Famous for our fried bologna sammiches…and our burgers are pretty darn good, too! Customer Appreciation from 4 to 7…Then it’s ON for the night! Two…yes, TWO…party rooms for your enjoyment. Startin’ at 7 DJ David “Hey Boy” Harris will be throwin’ out your favorite shag tunes in the FRONT ROOM and DJ Eddie Anderson will have the BACK ROOM jookin’ with nothin’ but the old music. Pick and choose what you can use..or boogie back and forth between the two! All doors are open for access on Saturday night…Front, back and side. Pick one and come on in and let your FUN TEAM help you have some GOOD TIMES at the Fat Man’s House. There’s an old sayin’ around here..”If you ain’t been to Fat Harold’s, you ain’t been to the beach”. We like to think that’s the TRUTH! FAT HAROLD’s…Your home away from home here in Ocean Drive…For over 30 years!