fat harold 2Can you believe it is the weekend already? My how time flies when SOS is approaching! We are going to start the weekend off by opening up at 1pm today (Friday) in The Shag City Grill. Amy will be here to cook some burgers and open some beers so come on down and visit a while! Happy Hour lasts from 4 until 7pm. Let’s get Happy for the weekend. Main Bar opens at 4pm and your DJ for the evening is, DJ “Jammin” Jimmy Buffkin. He’ll play until you can’t dance another step. Mama Brenda will have the back room open. Going on to Saturday, The Grill will be open at 1pm so you can get some hair of the dog or some double dipped fries. Both are good for hang around’s. They aren’t hang overs anymore when you get our age, they hang around a little bit longer. Customer Appreciation Day is 4pm til 7pm. Main Bar opens at 5pm, Back Room opens at 8pm and DJ David “Hey Boy” Harris is alive in the booth playing your favorites Shag Songs and requests. We will wind down the weekend on Sunday when Lil Terry opens for Customer Appreciation Day at 4pm. She and Miss Ethel will handle the music for the evening. It’s good ya’ll. Come see! You can get it all here at Fat Harold’s, the best Shag and Beach Music Joint on the Planet. Don’t let anyone else tell you any different. We’ve still got it and going strong. I really need to get some work done so I can prepare for a fun weekend in the swamp. Please be safe in your travels and don’t forget to say your prayers and anyone named Erika please stay away from our beach!! hehe Peace, Love and Sandy Feet! LOVE YOU, MEAN IT!