CUSTOMER APPRECIATION DAY FLYERWednesdays are FUN days and what makes it even more special is it’s YOUR day! Customer Appreciation Day starts with a never-ending Customer Appreciation Day. Thaaat’s right…Customer Appreciation FROM THE TIME WE OPEN OUR DOORS TIL WE CUT THE LIGHTS OUT!

Club and Shag City Grill open today at 4 and the good times begin. 94.9 The Surf radio will have a LIVE REMOTE from the club with radio personality Jason “The Judge” Justice…Streamin’ some great beach music throughout the airwaves for those that aren’t on the beach. At 7 our DJ Jay Kinlaw will join Jason for a night of fun just for YOU!

Bring your friends…Or come in and meet some new friends. The game is on and you’re the winner on Wednesday nights!

And don’t forget…SOS if fast comin’ up! If you don’t have your SOS card we can fix ‘ya up here in the club…Just see one of your FUN TEAM and they can take care of ‘ya!