The doors will open today at 4pm with Brenda as your bartender and DJ Milton White will be rocking it out in the booth! Tuesday, the doors open at 4pm with Terry as your bartender and DJ Ray Scott will be socking it out in the booth! Starting Wednesday, it’s on, SOS Fall Migration, at Fat Harold’s. Please check out our schedule on the website cause I might not get a daily post up but you never know. Also we would like for your to have a moment of silence with us as our Friend from Camp Kemo Jeannie Schmidt, who suffered a stroke several days ago, went to be with her kids last night. What a joyous reunion for them and a sad day for Camp Kemo. We will have something special to honor her on the day of The Camp Kemo Auction! Tell someone you love them, be safe in your travels and as always LOVE YOU, MEAN IT!

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