line dance partyHappy Thursday morning! Hope all in well in your neck of the woods. Is everybody ready for SOS? We are working hard getting ready for your arrival. We will open the club at 4pm for Customer Appreciation Day and Jeanette will teach you a new line dance and go over some others so you will be ready to show your stuff at SOS. These are FREE, so come on out and join us. There is a band in the street tonite so if you can’t get in the parking lot go to the back door. It will be unlocked so you can’t say, “I couldn’t get in the parking lot so I didn’t come.” We look forward to seeing you. Your DJ for the evening is DJ Milton White if he is well enough. He’s been under the weather, so if you come in and another DJ is in the both then Milton still isn’t feeling well. Hope to see you this evening. Peace, Love and Sandy Feet! Love YOU, Mean IT!