FAT HAROLDS PHOTOGood Morning to all our friends and family! Another beautiful day has awoken. Let’s use it to it’s fullest. You can come and use us today too! We will open at 4pm for Customer Appreciation Day and when it’s over at 7pm, Jeanette will show you the latest and greatest line dances! The lessons are FREE, so why not take advantage of them. You don’t get many free things in this world anymore. Our DJ for the evening is David “Hey Boy” Harris! He starts at 7pm and will play as long as you let him. Wear him out. He needs a long night! hahaha There is a band in the street this evening from 7 until 9pm. Tastes Like Chicken will be on stage playing a variety of music and we can provide the drinks for the evening. Just walk on in and get some cold brews or a shooter or 10! We do so hope you will join us for this evening activities on Main Street. Peace, Love and Sandy Feet! LOVE YOU, MEAN IT! SOS is right around the corner. GET READY!