SHAGIt’s time for Jeppy’s FREE Shag Lessons. This will be his last for two weeks. Make sure you are here at 7pm and freshen up a bit or learn the basic. That’s all you will need for SOS, cause there ain’t no room for all that fancy stuff. Jus sayin! The club opens today at 4pm and DJ Ray Scott is in the booth.We will start rolling full speed ahead tomorrow with our JUMP START PARTY. The beer is ordered and getting real cold. The staff has their schedules with all shifts highlighted so they know exactly where to be. We have new menus. NO, the prices did NOT go up!!!! We are ready for you. Are you ready for us? Bring it on! LET’S PARTY at SOS FALL MIGRATION 2013! Don’t worry about a thing, those of us who didn’t stay at the Holiday Inn Express last night have our CPR Certification and can use the defibrillators and we have (2)! So you are in good hands with the FUN TEAM, just in case you dance til you drop. Did you know that SOS pays for every employee, at every club, that will participate to take the CPR and AED course. They go the extra mile just like THE FUN TEAM. So live it up and have a ball ya’ll. Peace, Love and Sandy Feet. Love YOU, Mean IT! PS: Happy 70th, Lou!