See these doors, well they are going to be wide open at 11am in the morning. Ronnie and Lulu’s famous Bloody Mary’s. You won’t get these special Bloody’s anywhere, I promise. Nobody knows our secret! Come in a get yourselves ready for a great selection of muscic tomorrow out in the street. We will have a draft cart outside for your convenience but if you need a liquor drink come inside and see us. If you get hungry, come inside and see us! If you have any complaints go down the street. lol We have DJ’s going all day long and night in the front room and the back room for your dancing pleasure. We’d love to have you at Fat Harold’s. Don’t forget to TIP (To Insure Prompt Service) your Bartenders and Cooks cause they are literally working there butts off for you. What they make will go to go to one of the local doctors next week anyway. They don’t have much, if any, insurance and it sure would help to know there’s a little bit of help in the jars. We have had a great week so far. Very nice crowd of people. If we are busy and you want your drink or burger yesterday, please have a little consideration for the person doing the work. Be patient, it is a virtue, your time will come and it will be well worth your wait. If your sense of entitlement gets the best of you, it will get the best of us and you may have to wait just a longer than the nice person beside you. Think about it. Well I guess that is it for our Monday UPDATE. LOVE YOU, MEAN IT!

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