Lets-ShagThursday is upon us and we enter the weekend wide open. We hope you had a great Jump Start last night and will continue to party with us throughout the duration of SOS. I think Miss Jeanette is going to teach you some line dances at 7pm tonite. Correct me if I’m wrong Jeanette cause I is crazy already! lol DJ Jimmy Buffkin from 5 until 9pm and Gene Sistare from 9 until close. My dear cousin JIM QUICK & COASTLINE is going to open this building wide open tomorrow, FRIDAY, at 1pm and SEA CRUZ will be here on Saturday at 1pm and our beloved CAMP KEMO starts at noon on Sunday followed by BLACKWATER RHYTHM AND BLUES immediately after CAMP KEMO. Action packed weekend. I will probably not be sending out too many emails in the next 10 days but daily activities will be posted on the website as well as facebook. We Can’t wait to see you. Peace, Love and Sandy Feet! Love YOU, Mean IT!