Yes, it’s here, the day you’ve been waiting on! The PARTY OF ALL PARTY’S! SOS! This gives great meaning to the saying on the back of the Coastline Crazies t-shirt which says, “We’re All here, Cause We’re NOT ALL There”, (which he borrowed from yours truly). We open the doors today at 11am with Lunch with LULU. Today’s special is BOLOGNA, and tomorrow’s, plus the next day and so on…..Yeppers all of the specials for lunch will be bologna! Tonite at 6pm is The Fat Man’s SOS Kick-Off Party, NO BAND…JUST SHAG…all night long to the tunes of our Hall of Fame DJ Lanny Elmore. It don’t get no better than this, BUT it will. Just check out our website for all of our parties, DJ’s, Bands (during the day, Only), so you can shag your little hearts out at night! We have a Fantastic SOS Fall Migration planned for you and we can’t wait to see you. Pick up your CAREFREE TIMES, add those notes to your smartphone and put an alert on Fat Harold’s schedule! We do appreciate all of your business for all of these years, 20 in this building alone. Drop in for a drink or 12, dance to a song or 30, and as always WE at THE FAT MAN’S HOUSE, LOVE YOU, MEAN IT!