The wait is OVER…it’s OFFICIAL…it’s SOS Fall Migration 2010!!! Welcome to Fat Harold’s Beach Club…Your Home Away from Home. We want you to have a great and safe time while you are with us this week. The Carefree Times has been delivered and Our website is updated with all of the happenings. We are going to be very busy and if I miss a day of Our Blog I apologize in advance. If there are any changes or updates they will get to the web page ASAP! We love you, appreciate you, and look forward to seeing you! Remember DJ schedules, Tea Parties, Bands and other happenings are on the website. Club Opens today at 11am. Big Ronnie is joining Lulu in the Shag City Grill to get this party started. Close your eyes and say “Bologna, bologna, BoLoGnA!!! The rest of The Fun Team will join in and The Leader of the Pack, “Shannon” will take stage behind the Main Bar tonite! One last tidbit for today, “Patience is a virtue”!