SHAGGood Monday Morning to ya! We are on the count down to SOS so you need to come in and let Judy freshen up those steps so you can shine during SOS! She starts her classes at 7pm. $10 per person. Also check out the calendar to see what days she is teaching workshops during SOS. We had a wonderful Shag Contest this weekend. Thanks to all the workers, especially Janet Harrold for taking time to make this so successful. Thanks to the dancers and all of our valuable customers who made this an awesome event. You don’t know how much we do love you and how much we appreciate you. The staff will always love you. Mama Brenda will unlock the doors today at 4pm for Customer Appreciation Day so come and join us a little early and get your joints limbered up for the lessons. Also the DJ for tonite is NEW. Come and listen to the tunes of DJ Miss Ethel. She is awesome. She has got anything you want to hear. Just test her. She is here to stay so if she hasn’t got it, we can get it. lol Have a wonderful Labor Day off. I’m jealous! But you have to make the hay while the sun is shining. Right? Peace, Love and Sandy Feet! Love YOU, Mean IT!