Lets-ShagNow that the weekend is over and the countdown to SOS is “really” getting closer we need to concentrate on our shag steps so that we can show off. What better time to do this than at one of our two nights of shag lessons. Judy Duke offers her unique style of lessons tonite at 7pm. The lessons are $10 per person. She will make sure you know exactly what you are doing before you go out the door. Tuesday nite is a little different. Jeppy and Nikki take to the floor at 7pm. Their lessons are free and are mostly based around the basic steps. You know you got to learn to crawl before you walk type of thing. For those of you truly wanting to learn and those who have never shagged before you might choose this class. Jeppy has literally taught thousands to do our state dance. So you have to choose from tonite (MONDAY) or tomorrow (TUESDAY) to take lessons. The club will open at 4pm with Mama Brenda behind the bar. Come visit her for some cold adult beverages and chew the fat. Now that Labor Day is behind us and the fall is approaching it’s time to relax a bit and reminisce of all the wonderful times you’ve had this summer. So come and kick back at The Fat Man’s House, make yourself at home and always remember this, We LOVE You and WE Mean It!