My how time flies when you are having fun and FUN is in the air again tonite. DJ Jay Nelms starts the evening off and 7pm and DJ Milton White comes in right behind him to “Party Til the Lights Go Out”. It’s dancing at it’s finest at The Fat Man’s House tonite. Oh don’t forget it’s Pork Chop Day in The Shag City Grill. Bo the Web Guy will be in to shoot a portion of Shag City TV with LUNCH with LULU. Come in eat a bit and maybe you will be asked to be on TV. You never know what Bo has up his sleeve. We are so blessed to have such a great team of girls plus a couple of boys, working to make sure you have a great experience at Fat Harold’s. We are proud when we say, “Collectively, we have given The Fat Man way over 125 years of our lives”. Find me another place that can say that! Oh well, we got to go get the pork chops and bologna ready, prepare for your arrival at SOS and love you to pieces when you walk in that door! Love YOU, Mean IT!