It’s Saturday again and the time is flying so fast. Before you know it Christmas will be here again. Feels like a merry-go-round but not as fun. Oh well, today we will open the grill at 11am and this will be the last day the grill is open during the day except for big weekends. Trimmin the fat for the winter. Lunch with Lulu will be no more! Sad face! Life goes on and the club is still open and all is good. Lot’s happening, Customer Appreciation Day 4 til 7 then one of our wonderful DJ’s will be in the booth around 7ish for a night of dancing. Come out and meet your friends for a cold one and a few scoots across the floor. New winter hours are Mon. thru Sun. 4pm until with the exception of big weekends which will be announced. Love YOU very much, Mean It!