9-229-21Headed for the downside! Day #7 SOS Fall Migration! Club and Shag City Grill open today at 11. DJs for today: FRONT ROOM: 12-5 Johnny B, 5-9 Larry Edwards, 9-C Ken Jones. BACK ROOM: l-5 Roy Childress . 5-9 Roger Holcomb 9-C Betty Brown. THE FANTASTIC SHAKERS will be on the front stage from 2 to 6. Fat Harold’s Beach Club welcomes the following shag club parties in the back room tomorrow: 12 to 3 – Winston Salem Shag Club. 6 to 8- Rock Hill Shag Club. Thanks for choosing us to have your SOS parties! SOS cards available for purchase in the club. Yes, Oh, Yes..We’re makin’ some GOOD TIMES at SOS!