9-23It’s the BIG weekend y’all! Day #8 SOS Fall Migration! Club and Shag City Grill open today at 11. Don’t forget to get you one of our famous BALONEY SAMMICHES! DJs for today: FRONT ROOM: 12-5 Gary Bass, 5-9 Larry Edwards, 9-C Jimmy Buffkin. BACK ROOM: l-5 Kitty Earles . 5-9 Walt Upchurch 9-C Roger Holcomb. THE ENTERTAINERS will be on the front stage from 2 to 6. Somethin’ for EVERYBODY with two rooms rockin’! Fat Harold’s Beach Club welcomes you to the longest standing shag club in Ocean Drive. Come see why! SOS cards available for purchase in the club. Yes, Oh, Yes..We’re makin’ some GOOD TIMES at SOS!