9-24Last BIG day for SOS…We’ll be goin’ again on Sunday…but we know a lot of you will be goin’ home. If you’re leavin’ on Sunday stop by and get you a baloney sammich…eat in or TO GO! Today is ACTION PACKED..Startin’ with Judy Duke’s Shag Workshop at 10 AM. New steps and new techniques…and FUN! Both rooms will be rockin’ with DJs: FRONT ROOM: 12 to 4 David Harris. 4 to 8 Larry Edwards. 8 to Close Gene Sistare BACK ROOM: 1 to 5 Norman Mills. 5 to 9 Walt Upchurch. 9 to Close Dana Grubb. Some mighty fine music bein’ played! The National Beach Shaggers Hall of Fame will hold a short exhibition from 5 to 6 in the FRONT ROOM. This is always a popular event. Come on out and show your support. Yes, Oh, Yes,…We LOVE SOS! Your FUN TEAM has worked their beer tab pullin’ fingers off but they’re still goin’ strong! Come to Fat Harold’s and get you some (more)! Club and Shag City Grill will open at 11.