WOW! We have another beautiful day! Let’s Thank God for everything that he has given us and pray for the families and loved ones of the 9/11 tragedy on this day, the 10 year anniversary. The club opens today at 11am. Join us for lunch, dinner, cocktails and dancing. Today from 3pm until 5pm there will be a Juniors Shag and Social in the back room. Pat and Mimi would like to see a “big” crowd today! Terry comes in this evening, joined by Sean at the grill and DJ Jason Justice in the booth! The Fun Team (aka The Crazy Crew) is trying their best to get themselves geared up for the next 2 weeks of shaggin mayhem. The “key word” for SOS this year is “patience”. You give us some and we will return it! Deal? We would like to see everyone of you at Fat Harold’s in the coming weeks. We hope our planning and preparation is the best yet! Check out the website for a complete schedule of events at Fat Harold’s during SOS. Have a fantastic day…and as always…Love YOU, Mean IT!