thursday sos at harolds

Hello Thursday and SOS!

  • Charlie teaches Male Footwork at 10 am
  • The Shag City Grill Opens at 11am
  • Charlie and Jackie teaching Moving and Grooving Shag Worskhop at 11am
  • The Winston Salem Shag Club will be partying from 12 to 3
  • Jay Kinlaw steps in to the booth at Fat Harold’s in the front room at 1PM
  • John Hall plays at Harold’s in the back room 1PM
  • Cat 5 takes the stage at Fat Harold’s 2PM
  • Dennis Brumble plays at Fat Harold’s at 5PM in the front room
  • Phil Long/Frank Price at Fat Harold’s Back Room with the Rock Hill Shag Club 5PM
  • Jimmy Bufkin takes over in the front room at Fat Harold’s 9PM
  • Rommie Tyndall at Harold’s Back room at 9PM

Are you ready to dance?