LINE DANCEWe are back with a bang! The Fun Team is all rested up and ready to go, almost! lol Jackie comes in and opens at 11am for lunch. Come and see what she has or go to The Shag City Grill on facebook and like to see what she is having for lunch! I know what it is and it’s really good. I’m just not gonna tell you so you will go to facebook and like the page. There is always a method for my madness! Customer Appreciation Day starts at 4pm and Debbie and Shannon will be your bartenders tonite. Jim is on the grill, tonite and at 7pm, Ambassador Jeanette Stanley will lead you all over that very clean dance floor when she teaches you the newest LINE DANCES. She has a big crowd so get here early for your place on the dance floor. DJ David Harris should be in the DJ booth if he has gotten out of bed yet! 🙂 Don’t forget to mark your calendars for Sunday, Sept. 29th, this weekend, SEA CRUZ will be in the house helping Danny and Vicki West celebrate their anniversary. Everyone is invited. Every year for the last longest Vicki has purchased at show from them at Camp Kemo and she wants to share them and EUGENE with you! SEA CRUZ, Dino, Butch and Allie have been nominated for a whole lot of Cammy’s this year. Good luck to you, our good friends! Don’t forget to book your Christmas Parties now! Call Lulu at the office 843-249-5779 to see what we can do for YOU! The BACK ROOM can be gorgeous when decorated to the tee. If you don’t believe me just ask somebody who came to Lou’s 70th birthday party. I didn’t recognize the room myself. Well off to work I go and I wish everybody a WONDERFUL DAY! P.S. I heard a rumor that Cornhole will start back on Oct. 10. Is there any truth to this, Heath Brown???? Got to go! Love YOU, Mean IT!