Mama Brenda will open the grill at 4pm for Customer Appreciation Day and then fix you her signature drinks and some good food to go along with them. The rest of the girls come in to the main bar, Shannon and Debbie that is at 6pm (Terry is cruising and will be back next week)! The Fat Man himself will be in the house tonight. He came out last night too! He’s feeling great and coming back to take care of business. Come out and see him, he really wants to see everybody. In the booth tonite are two of your favorites. Lanny Elmore is opening up at 7pm and playing until 10pm followed by DJ Milton White to close the night out with a bang. Come out and dance, drink and just have some plain ole fun with your friends. We do not have a band tonite so you will have plenty of room on the dance floor to do your thang. See you a bit later, LOVE You, MEAN It!