Yippee Skippee, it’s Friday! Are you ready to PARTY? We will get it started with Lulu opening the grill at 11am and serving up some of those Pork Chops, taters, beans and Cornbread that she dishes out. Then it’s on to Happy Hour, where you can learn some pretty interesting stuff over a few beers and cocktails. Shannon, Debbie, Terry, Brenda and Pam bring it on for the evening with their individuals styles of hospitality while DJ David “Hey Boy” Harris rocks it out in “THE BOOTH”! We are the happening place for “The Shag” but you can “Shake Your Booty” and “Wobble” too! Don’t forget Halloween Party and Contest tomorrow night and “The Embers” on stage at Fat Harold’s for the first time in a very long time. Ya’ll come out and see them but don’t let them see you. Dress your mess to impress and win a some Great Prizes. NO COVER! Hope to see you at Fat Harold’s Beach Club, tonite. Love YOU, Mean IT!