THANK YOU CAMELHello to all of our wonderful, loyal friends!
It’s that time of the week again. HUMP DAY! WEDNESDAY! CUSTOMER APPRECIATION! Customer Appreciation Day all day long, from the time we open until the time we close! What a fun time we have at Fat Harold’s and it’s all because of our awesome customers, friends and family! How did we get this lucky? The Shag City Grill will open at 4pm and Miss Amy will cook you anything your little heart desires, except steak, or lobster, or……it’s just a grill!!! hehe Debbie and Janie (whose filling in for Shannon) will serve you from the main bar and DJ Larry Edwards will be in the both throwing down, with his lovely wife Sally, by his side or tearing up the floor! Wednesday’s have always been FUN DAY for THE FUN TEAM, too! Get on down here and let’s get some blisters on those feet! They will heal by Friday!!! Come out and see what REAL LOVE feels like! Peace, Love and Sandy Feet! LOVE YOU, MEAN IT!

PS. New things coming on the horizon. Not changes, just more stuff! You know we like stuff!