dance is good smallIt’s Wednesday and Jackie’s cooking Spaghetti and tossing a salad especially for you. She will open at 11am. Come on out on this cloudy day and have some comfort food! Customer Appreciation Day is happening from sun up to sun down today and on into the night. You know the drill. Customer Appreciation! DJ Randal Hight is in the booth tonite for your enjoyment. Come on out and dance and prance for a bit. Shagging is good for the soul! Some of you have been asking about the Christmas party tickets already. They will be ready mid-November. You will get one so don’t fret! New Year’s Eve is on the drawing board. We are gonna have a BLOW OUT this year so hold on to your money. You will want to be HERE! Promise it’s going to be a New Year’s to remember. We will not reveal any secrets til the time is right so don’t even ask. Besides, that is what I’ve been told. I don’t even have a clue what the powers that be are planning. It’s time to put on the auto pilot and zero in on the beach. Have a wonderful and blessed day! Love YOU, Mean IT!