MARILYN HATLEYIt’s Customer Appreciation Day as usual on Hump Day but tonight we have a special visitor. We were Honored to be asked to host a campaign stop for our Mayor Marilyn Hatley as she meets and greets and even eats with our Fat Harold’s family tonight at 7pm! Come on down and have some “free” hotdogs, special drink prices all day long and meet the “Lady” who takes care of our city. She is a great gal. I have personally known her for a very long time and she is fair and cares a great deal about North Myrtle Beach. Your vote will be appreciated! She doesn’t make all the decisions on her own. She has help from the City Council so do your homework and vote in those who would best suit her. Sounds like I’ve got her voted in already? Probably wouldn’t be a bad idea, folks. She’s good people. DJ “Jammin” Jimmy Buffkin will be in the booth playing some good ole shag tunes. Grab the Mayor and spin her around the dance floor a few times. She can shag, ya’ll! How could you be Mayor of North Myrtle Beach and not know how to shag? Now back to Jackie!!! Jackie will open the grill at 11am for lunch. Come on out and see what she has cooked up for you today. It’s ugly outside and you could come and spend the day with Jackie, Jack, and Lulu! The Fat Man is planning to slip in for a while tonight, too! Got to go and we hope to see you ALL tonight. Love YOU, Mean IT!