The Endless Summer Festival is on Main Street today. Right in front of the club (Hint: Bring coat, summer ended)! There will be vendors, bands, fun, and Bologna and Bloody Mary’s inside with Lulu. She wants to get so busy she has to call Little Terry in to help her!!! If you get bored or a little chilly, you can always come in and dance a little bit to warm up. Don’t forget Fat Harold’s Fright Nite, tonite. Contest, dress up and win prizes! Judging starts at 8pm and winners will be announced around 10pm. We’ve added some drink specials for all you ghouls. Zombies $3.50 and Ghost Buster Snot (oops, I meant shots) $2.00. DJ “Jammin” Jimmy Buffkin will be in the booth. I hear he’s coming as “Hey Boy” Harris. Is this true? Sounds like fun doesn’t it? You don’t want to miss it. Have a wonderful fun-filled day, be safe in your travels and as always Love Ya, Mean It!