harolds-toastGood Morning to all! Today we will open at 4pm for Customer Appreciation Day! Customer Appreciation Day ends at 7pm and Jeanette will start up the Line Dance Lessons. Come learn how to dance by yourself. We all know that our partners can be stubborn at times and that song come on that you must dance to, so, no worries, you learn a line dance and you can dance til your heart’s content. Tonight’s DJ is “Jammin” Jimmy Buffkin! I had a memory this am of our Fat Man while driving to work. I have them all of the time but this particular time, I feel the need to share. That is why I posted his picture this morning. As I was crossing the Waccamaw Bridge, on Hwy. 9, this morning and seeing how high the water is and how fast it’s moving, I just got this song in my head. It’s not funny but it is if you knew the Fat Man like I knew the Fat Man. It was around Thanksgiving last year and all of the family had been called in thinking that our buddy was going to Shag Land in the sky. We were all standing around his bed. He was looking at all of us, Mariellen, Wayne, Laura, Charlie, Hulda, a few more and myself. He wasn’t saying a word. Just staring. If you know my husband Wayne, well, his humor is off the chart and fed by The Fat Man, he will keep you in stitches. All of a sudden Wayne says, Let’s sing, Row, Row, Row Your Boat and Harold you are going to start it. By golly he did. He started singing Row, Row, Row Your Boat and smiling, after not having said a word all day. Then Wayne wanted us to sing it in rounds and Harold told him to shut up. He was singing. It’s the little things or the big things that bring back special memories to all of us. We, The Fun Team, have noticed some of our regulars that used to live here haven’t returned since Harold’s death. Or have only been a few times. Just because he is not with us doesn’t mean HE is not with us. We miss you and we are still here. We promised The Fat Man we would watch over his dream and that we are doing. Come see us and if you pass over a bridge or stream today. Sing Row, Row, Row your boat. I bet he will join in. Singing out loud, right now, from 212 Main Street!!!!!! LOVE YOU, MEAN IT!