It’s Tuesday and you know what that means, “FREE SHAG LESSONS”, with Jeppy McDowell! This is one class you don’t want to miss. Jeppy so graciously introduces you our state dance, THE SHAG! He first tells you a little bit about the history of the dance, where it began, how it began, etc. Very interesting. Jeppy has been teaching at Fat Harold’s as long as some of us have been working for The Fat Man. Can we say 30 years? He is a professional instructor and has taught shag lessons to countless people from all over the world. You really do NOT want to pass this by and YES, they are FREE! The Fat Man takes care of the funding so you don’t have to leave this beach saying “I can’t SHAG”! There is no reason you should unless you are just not interested. Be here at 7pm! The club opens today at 4pm for Customer Appreciation Day! Buckets of Beer are available all night long for $12.50! DJ Ray Scott, one of our famous local DJ’s will be playing for your enjoyment tonight, so come on out and let’s get the party started. There is a big weekend on the horizon with a huge Class Reunion on Friday nite (in the back room). The club will be open to the public, as always! Then on Saturday nite, Cameron, one of our barbacks, who has been with us a long time is having an Engagement Party. His Mom, Cammy, has been working on this diligently and has hired The Sand Band (Terri Gore’s husband’s band, wonder if Terri herself will show up and sing?) for Cameron and Carly’s (his gorgeous soon-to-be-bride) party! Lord have mercy are we gonna have some fun! We can’t wait and every one is invited for the band. Put this weekend on your calendars right NOW! I better post this now or it will not get in on time. Be careful, smile, say your prayers, tell somebody you love them and as always, LOVE YOU, MEAN IT!