Lets-ShagHappy Tuesday to you all! We will get things started around here at 4pm. Customer Appreciation Day is 4pm until 7pm at which time Jeppy and Mandy will take you to the floor and teach you the basic shag steps. Immediately following Shag Lessons please sign up for our weekly Shag Contest! The first 3 places get prizes. We have to have at least 4 couple to have the contest. Come out and show your support! You may win once to qualify for the Grande Finale to be held on November 17th! Great prizes will be given for our Grande Finale! Tonight’s Contest is Sponsored by The Clothes Center and Fat Harold’s Beach Club! Come out and support the dancers even if you don’t feel up to dancing yourself. Much appreciation in advance!!!!!! Tonight’s DJ is our good buddy, LANNY ELMORE! Peace, Love and Sandy Feet! LOVE YOU, MEAN IT!