Tuesday’s are full of fun at The Fat Man’s House! The doors open at 4pm and Customer Appreciation Day gets on it’s way. Jeppy McDowell teaches you how to SHAG at 7pm. This class is great for beginners. Jeppy tells you where, how, when and where the Shag came from and if you come in and take lessons, he can probably tell a little bit of where it is going. We need to get some youth involved. I’m not talking about the 18 and under because Pat Folds and Mimi Benedict take care of that on the first Saturday of each month, right here at Fat Harolds. I am talking about the 21 to 40 year old crowd. If you don’t know the basic, how are you going to teach it to your kids to keep this tradition that we call the SHAG going strong. We encourage all to come and take lessons, whether it be from Jeppy on Tuesday’s at 7pm or Judy Duke on Monday’s at 7pm or the kids Shag and Social on the first Saturday of each month. It is important to our history and to our clubs. If you aren’t from the area, find a place to go or take your kids to learn this fabulous dance. We will not be here without you and for that matter some of the other clubs in the Carolina’s will not exist either. KEEP THE TRADITION GOING, LEARN TO SHAG! DJ Ray Scott will be in the booth for your dancing pleasure this evening right after shag lessons. One of the top DJ’s in our area is sure to have the song you would like to dance to. Just ask him! We have our Bucket of Beers special going on until we are given the halt, every night, $12.50 buckets. Come in and drink them up! We’ve got plenty! Well, that about concludes today’s activities right here on The Fat Man’s Website! We hope to see you soon. Don’t forget to tell somebody you love them and spread the word, You Ain’t ____, if You Can’t Shag! lol LOVE YOU, MEAN IT!