What an awesome Saturday morning! The sun is shining, the air is cool and you can almost smell that Thanksgiving turkey in the kitchen. It’s fall and it don’t get no better than this after a scorching hot summer. Since it’s getting cooler, Lulu’s got the soup pot out. Today Homemade Vegetable Beef Soup, grilled ham & cheese sandwiches or Ham, lettuce and tomato sandwichs, crackers, dill spear :), tea or soda, all will grace the table at Fat Harold’s. Customer Appreciation Day starts at 4pm and lasts til 7pm. Shannon, Justin and Shannon Rogers entertain ya’ll from behind the bars this evening and DJ David “Hey Boy” Harris is “rockin in the free world” from the DJ booth! Daily specials and other “Fun” stuff is starting up in the weeks to come. Stay tuned to the website, I think Brenda might even have something up her sleeve this Monday. Makes you wanna go Hmmmm….doesn’t it? Have a wonderful, safe day and as always “Love you, mean it!”