We know you are just chomping at the bit to get to the beach. Hope you’re out of the office early! The beach is hopping this weekend. Endless Summer on the street in front of the club tomorrow, (when you’re looking for the food court don’t forget our bologna sandwiches), Halloween Contest at Fat Harold’s, Halloween Contest at HOTO’s, great DJ’s, awesome food and lots of love. Who could ask for anything more? Well, Lulu’s cooking up Pork chops today with lots of trimmings, (fried corn on the cob) UMMM and Bloody Mary’s are just $3.50 til she leaves work. Everybody is back from vacation and the TRIO is “Together Again” behind the main bar. Pam is in the grill and Mama Brenda has the back room. The Little Man of Beach Music himself DJ Joey Warren will entertain you from the booth. Now that’s just HOT! I know you can’t wait. Looks like a wild weekend ahead of us. Have a fantastic day, be safe in your travels and Love Ya, Mean It!