We’re going to do things a little different this winter at Fat Harold’s. I will be releasing tid bits as to what is going on on a daily basis. Like today is Brenda’s famous Margarita’s for $3.50 and Bud Light is ONLY $2.75, ALL NITE LONG! Yes you heard it right! The Club opens at 4pm and it’s on until Brenda shuts the doors and turns off the lights. The DJ will crank it up around 7pm and Monday Night Madness Shag Dancing will be at it’s best. Be sure to come by and at least say “HI”! The beaches oldest shag club with the friendliest, most accomodating staff you will find anywhere! Do I hear an “AMEN”? We look forward to your next visit at Fat Harold’s. Take care, be safe and “Love you, mean it”!