Yeppers, Thursday is a great day. Not quite there but almost. The anticipation for the weekend really overloads on you by the end of the day on Thursday. But for others, like me, the work week is just getting started and I am so glad to get back to my job at Fat Harold’s. I love my job, do you? Club opens at 11am with Lunch with Lulu. Dixie Chicken Sandwichs (Redneck Cordon Bleu) w/ff, pickle and tea or soda, just $6.50! So good! Customer Appreciation Day is 4 til 7pm! Judy Duke teaches you how to shag or teaches you new steps (whichever category you fit in to) at 7pm, SHARP! After the shag lessons hang around and lesson to the awesome music of DJ Lanny Elmore. If you want to hear it, I bet you he has it. If you haven’t made up your mind whether to come to Fat Harold’s this weekend or not you better get with it. Later, love ya, mean it!