I’m back! Laptop is in the shop! I do have a PC that I put everything on last night so I can keep you informed on the happenings at Fat Harold’s. I do apologize for any inconvienience that I may have caused you while being broke down. lol We will open the club at 4pm today and start with Customer Appreciation Day! Yes, Customer Appreciation Day, (The Bored Meeting), isn’t boring at all anymore with all of these rumors flying around. I just wish you could tend to your own and have a good time. It’s a shame that you just keep spreading them and you don’t even have a clue what is going on. Shame on you! Nothing has changed, you’ll see. Now enough of that! We are dancing the night away with DJ Jason Justice in the booth, playing your favorite songs and spreading his cheer. We will be open everyday 4pm until whatever with the exception of special weekends. Then we will open at 11am. This will be announced. Please have a blessed Sunday, tell somebody you “LOVE” them and as always LOVE YOU, MEAN IT!