It’s Friday and we couldn’t be happier! How about you? We are having a big weekend at Fat Harold’s Beach Club! Tonight we have a Class Reunion in the back room, but there are so many of them they will be all over the club. Welcome them to The Fat Man’s House. The grill will be open, as well as all of the bars! DJ “Jammin” Jimmy Buffkin will be in the booth at 7pm. We all like it when Jimmy’s in the booth. He is such the entertainer! DJ Gary Bass will be in the house tonight too, just in case he is needed. I am not sure if he could do the bartending thing though, unless you want vodka and sprite. He is pretty good at making them! Don’t forget tomorrow night, Cameron (our cute little barback) and Karlee celebrate their engagement and everyone is invited to party with them and “The Sand Band” at 8pm! Sounds like a party to me! WE hope you have your costume ready for our Shag-O-Ween Party and Contest on Wednesday night the 31st! Prizes will be given for various things. Make your plans now! Having said all that, I guess it’s time to head out for OD. Be sure to say your prayers, especially for those in the path of this Perfect Storm that is threatening the east coast, smile at somebody, tell somebody you LOVE them, and a hug is always a good thing! Have a GREAT day and as always, LOVE You, MEAN It!