It’s THE WEEKEND! Yippe Skippee. We are Sooo glad you get to come to the beach this weekend. The weather is perfect, so get on down. The club opens at 11am with Pork Chops for lunch! Mac & cheese, green beans, fried corn on the cob, cornbread, tea or soda are the sides for today! HH 4 til 7pm. The Fun Team takes over at 6pm! Shannon and Justin on main and Shannon Rogers in the grill. “The Shadow” DJ Milton White is throwing down in the DJ booth. We have such wonderful DJ’s here at Fat Harold’s, if I have to say so myself. Keep checking the website for new and FUN, FUN things to come. New Year’s tickets will be on sale soon! Make plans now for the BEST party on the beach! Have a wonderful day! Love you, mean it!