FAT HAROLDS PHOTOGOOD MORNING OCEAN DRIVE! Ain’t it GREAT to be ALIVE on such a beautiful day! We are going to crank things up around here at 1pm, when THE SHAG CITY GRILL opens up for great food and cold libations! The Main room will open up at 4pm for Customer Appreciation, which lasts until 7pm and your DJ for the front room this evening will be DJ Johnny B. Come out and show him some love. He will get this joint rockin’. NO DOUBT! We have a private party in the back room. Lincolnton High Reunion will be filling up the back room and spreading out with their classmate DJ Johnny C. playing his wide variety of music for their era! Come on down and let’s party tonight. There is always a party when you have TWO Johnny’s in the house! It’s gonna be a great night at The House THE FAT MAN Built! The Fun Team Promises! Peace, Love and Sandy Feet! LOVE YOU, MEAN IT!