fat harold 2Wow, another week is gone and the weekend is finally here! Time is moving much to fast these days. Because we know not how much time we have, we should make the best of it! Make that bucket list and start doing it all but make sure you put “I will dance as much as possible at Fat Harold’s Beach Club until I can’t dance there no more” on that list. You can start today. The Shaggers Mecca opens at 11am and Jackie is cooking Pork Chops! She might get real busy so I will have to help her like yesterday. I really liked that! I was in my element and I love working with Jackie. She’s like the energizer bunny and I am like the turtle! Enough of that. Guess who is playing in the booth tonite? It’s “Jammin” JIMMY BUFFKIN! A Friday nite + Jammin Jimmy = too much fun! He has all the music and you will never get tired of Dancin and Prancin with Jimmy! Deb, Shannon and Lil Terry have the main tonite, Brenda has her back room and Pam is up front on the grill. Come by for lunch, a drink at Customer Appreciation Day, 4 until 7pm or just come out for a wonderful fun-filled night of dancing. You just don’t have a clue how much you are appreciated at the Fat Man’s House! If you are out cruising on those bikes on this beautiful day and you get thirsty please be informed that we have the COLDEST BEER on the beach. FACT! FYI: Halloween Contest and Party, October 30th, 7pm! Be there, Be SCARE! Prizes will be awarded to the best so you can do the rest! Signing out from the Swamp and headed to the shore! Love YOU, Mean IT!