It’s another Saturday Night at The Fat Man’s House. Come in and enjoy our Winter Specials. Brenda will open the grill at 4pm for The Board Meeting. I can’t say Customer Appreciation Day cause it’s Customer Appreciation Day all the time this winter. Debbie, Terry and Shannon are your hostesses at the Main Bar for the evening and DJ “Jammin” Jimmy Buffkin is in the booth. Sounds like a plan to me. Fat Harold and the Staff would like to express their sincere condolenses to Ron Whisnant, the boys and the rest of the family on the loss of our dear, sweet Peggy. You will be missed greatly by us, whom have known “Miss Peggy” for such a very, very long time. We are truly grateful for having been a part of her life! NEW YEARS TICKETS and SOS CARDS are on SALE at Fat Harold’s anytime you would like to pick them up or order them. Call Joy or Lulu at 843-249-5779 to get yours now! We will start closing on Sunday’s, starting tomorrow! Come in and wish Don Broadway, Happy Birthday today since we will not be open tomorrow and tomorrow is his birthday! We will be open Thanksgiving Night! Next weekend is The Sandra Schwartz and Dewey Kennedy Mixed Doubles on Saturday nite and DJ Butch Metcalf will be our guest DJ. But wait, Friday nite we’ve added a special Thanksgiving surprise to the agenda. CWB will be up in the house, one of the most entertaining bands in the beach music industry! NO COVER CHARGE! Got to go and make some doughnuts on that computer. Sure hope everyone has a great day and tell somebody you love them and give them all the hugs you can cause at this point in our lives you just don’t know! God Bless each and everyone of you and as always “LOVE you, MEAN it”!